Hi - I’m Adi! I am a software engineer based out of SF currently working at Affirm. I went to school at UWaterloo and learnt how to move bits and bytes to do things there. In the past, I’ve started (and failed at building) my own company, worked as a founding engineer at a super early-staged startup, worked in software (frontend, backend, data, infra, ml) at a bunch of different places (5 fulltime internships to be exact) and got stuck at an airport in Germany for three days after losing my passport.


I am intensely curious about the world around me and trying to understand how to make it better for everybody. I hope to do so by working on/at companies/orgs that do that :) For fun, I enjoy walking with people and learning about different life stories, playing and sometimes watching badminton and basketball, and trying to get better at chess.