This is a space where I just note down random ideas and thoughts that come to me:

  • Habits are really powerful tools that when utilized properly, have exponential returns. When it comes to this topic, something that I try to keep at the back of my mind is just how much could be accomplished in a year if everyday, I choose to be 1% better than I was yesterday.
  • Freedom in this day and age is directly proportional to courage
  • Essentialism is the key to progress
  • Discipline is freedom - Jocko Willink (I think that’s how it’s spelled?)
  • Hooks/Systems are the best way to cultivate productive behaviour
  • AI safety is insanely important
  • Knowledge needs to become decentralized
  • I don’t need to wait to get to an X position to do meaningful work. It can start right here and right now
  • At the end of the day, the only thing under my control associated to me is hustle. While true meritocracy may not exist, I am currently in an extremely priveledged place to attain to conversion of hardwork to success in my chosen field
  • Every action, however huge or small is a step towards the future self
  • It is a futile exercise to compare progress of oneself to other people - everybody has a different background and each individual has their strengths and weaknesses