Another sunrise

May 28, 2023

Hello internet friends. It has certainly been a while since I’ve seen you. There are many reasons why I’m writing this after nearly three years. However, it’s not immediately clear to me the value talking about those reasons would bring. It also feels trite to me. What I do think is of value to explore is why I was pulled to writing and what I right now hope to achieve by writing.

1) Writing can be super fun. Most probably like anything, if approached with the right mindset, writing can be a super interesting exercise. While thinking about this concept, I find myself thinking back to playing badminton. While on the surface, both activities may not have much in common, in reality, I view both of them as mere expressions of the self. Whenever I play badminton, I feel like I am expressing myself. Not to any specific person but rather to the world as an entity. Writing can be like that. The interesting thing about this however is the meditation of achieving this type of mindset towards it. I have in the past fallen into the trap of performative expression. In badminton, this has sometimes felt like trying to impress people with my skill. In writing, it can also be easy to be driven by that kind of a trap. In fact, this feeling in the past hindered me from having fun. It felt very forced and not true for some reason. The aim is to be of service to me first.

2) Writing as a thinking tool. When I don’t write, I tend to process and think through things going on in my life in my head. While I do think thinking in my head has it’s place, it’s tough to administer boundaries. As a result, I feel like I’m always (over)thinking as I go through life. This inhibits me from truly being present in the here and now. When I am writing, I believe I am able to compartmentalize my thinking(strategic) time from my doing time and relaxing time. One concept I’ve been leaning into lately is active relaxation. Writing is a vehicle towards that.

3) Writing for communication. I want to be a force for good in the world. To amplify efforts and move the needle in any vertical, odds are I can’t get there alone. It takes teamwork to do so. Teamwork requires collaboration and coordination. We achieve those through communication. Currently, we are able to accomplish those primarily through body language, written and spoken words. I see writing as an exercise that allows one to be more comfortable with words.

Anyhow, I’m not sure what I will be posting here. Haikus? Technical explorations? Think pieces? Who knows. For now, I am just excited to press publish and declare positive intent to the nethers of the world wide web.