This is a non-exhaustive list of projects I have worked on and am proud of. These are out of date and I haven’t updated these in a while (I’d reckon this is about 7.5% of all the projects I have worked on and roughly only capture 2017-2020 - there’s a bunch more I’ve done since that I’ll update soon). For listed projects here, some are shipped, others are not. Regardless, feel free to look around!  

  • Six Feet Away: Worked on this with five other folks to encourage and foster spontaneous conversations. Facebook is great but the activation energy it takes to start a conversation from scratch is way too high. Also, besides the green circle indicating they are active, there is no more insight into what friends are ACTUALLY doing. With Six Feet Away, see what friends are doing, such as playing video games or working out, and join them.
  • moshimoshi: Anonymouse message board with a new topic every 24h. The hope is to encourage folks to engage in more meaningful and thought-provoking conversations. You know, the ones where you walk away feeling more invigorated, energized and curious than before. Trying to simulate that online  

  • Emotion: Built an emotion detector on top of the Emotiv EEG Headset. To be honest, it wasn’t as good as I hoped since there were hardware constraints. Also, Thomas Reardon (CTRL-Labs dude) describes EEG as trying to have a conversation while in a stadium of 50,000 people yelling. However, I’m still super interested and bullish about Brain Computer Interfaces. If you know something I don’t, do share!  

  • Prufer: Worked on trying to make Powerpoints and presentations suck less for a little while. The hope was to do what Notion did to Word for presentations. Unfortunately, didn’t finish building the entire platform (found that another company was ahed when building this) but was a great learning experience regardless!

  • Nearer: Nearby Object Detector for Bicycles using Ultrasonic sensors. Had a fun time building this project as I learned about the entire lifecycle of building hardware from designing a schematic to designing PCBs to soldering and developing the software  

  • LabelLearn: This project aims to enable a labeller to be consistent with both their fellow labelers and their past self while seeing the live class distribution of the dataset. I mainly worked on the web application and infrastructure for the project. We ended up winning our track (category) price and the overall best hack out of 200+ hacks @ HackMIT 2019!  

  • Sundae: A text based journaling chatbot that uses NLP and sentimental analysis to cheer you up. I worked on the NLP portion and the recommendation engine. We ended up winning the Best Domain price @ EngHack 2019!  

  • Messiah: Messiah is an oracle management interface that developers can interact with to get the most reliable data from blockchains. I contributed to contract development and the frontend.  

  • MyoVision: A workout assister that uses Myo and statistics to improve your posture while also serving as a tracker of your activity. I worked on the interfacing with Myo API + analytics. We ended up winning Most Innovative Wolfram Alpha award!