Questions that I struggle with/ponder often about to this day

  • How do I cultivate crystal-clear thinking?
  • Can human decision-making be automated?
  • Is all of life just a story that each individual makes up/tell ourselves? In other words, is objectivity an illusion?
  • What came first, the chicken or the egg? (lol)
  • Can one be calm/happy while also chasing goals? It seems to me that to chase a big goal, one has to embrace the desire to be at the top. However, to be truly happy, one has to be content with all they got.
  • How much of our lives/livings is defined by the tools we use?
  • Will we ever get to a point computationally where alternate universes could be simulated?
  • Is mathematics truly the language of the universe or rather or interpretation/explanation of it? To elaborate, how antifragile/failure-resilient is the modern mathematical system?
  • What are the key things people look for, when looking for meaning or get behind an ideology/vision? And how easily engineered could that be?
  • What makes certain people soooo characteristic/magnetic?
  • Is a calm mind better or one with a bunch of crazy ideas?
  • How should I best engineer my environment to optimize growth + development?
  • What are my scales and what is the best way to practice my scales?
  • How do I manage information intake?
  • What aspects of my identity are worth preserving?
  • How do I conquer the mind and it’s primal needs?
  • How do I rapidly iterate my understanding of a very niche area and become a domain expert?
  • How should I increase my rate of learning as a developer?
  • Is specialization in technical skills worth it or is being a generalist more aligned for my goals?
    • If generalization is the answer, how do I beocme the best generalist that I can be?
  • How to make deeper connections with people around me?


Random questions that I think I can probably answer once I put a little more thought into it

  • Why is it so hard to define words and why does the human mind (or mine at least) understand easier by example?
    • I encountered this when trying to define what value meant? What is value? When I sat down to first try to define the word, I struggled with coming up the words to do so. However, my brain was somehow able to contextualize the word and was able to grasp the concept by virtue of multiple examples. Eg. it became easier to understand what value meant when I was reminded of using/hearing phrases such as “This object is very valuable to me” or “Please leave your valuables before stepping on-board”